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DCDB Upgrade, Moura Pipeline

In addition to whole-of-shire DCDB upgrade projects CadCon is able to provide project specific upgrade…


DCDB Upgrade Project, Mount Isa

CadCon were recently requested to undertake a project to supply a spatially accurate digital cadastre…


Infrastructure Survey, Cloncurry QLD

Cadcon undertook a survey of all infrastructure (water, sewer, roads) for the township of Cloncurry. Cadcon designed and delivered the survey data in a GIS format for the Cloncurry Shire Council to be able to confidently locate features and make better design decisions in the future.


GIS data integrity checking, cleansing and matching, Maroochy Shire

Maroochy Shire engaged CadCon Surveying and Town Planning Sunshine Coast to integrity check Council’s existing GIS data sets and resolve any discrepancies within the data. This involved liaison with data owners and knowledge on Cadcon’s part as to the purpose of the data and the decision-making processes surrounding the data.


Digital Cadastre Distortion Modelling or Associatively, Noosa Shire

Having undertaken a spatially accurate digital cadastre project for Noosa Shire they were then in need of bringing their relatively mapped assets into line with the new cadastre. Many of Council’s existing datasets were mapped relative to the existing, spatially inaccurate digital cadastre.


DCDB Maintenance Projects

CadCon Surveying and Town Planning Sunshine Coast currently maintain the spatial integrity of Hervey Bay City Council’s digital cadastre. After having successfully completed a DCDC Spatial Upgrade Project CadCon Surveying and Town Planning have been engaged to incorporate new data into the system. This activity maintains and enhances the SPARC’s spatial integrity and continues to increase its value for internal users and external customers alike.


DCDB Spatial Upgrade Projects

CadCon Surveying and Town Planning have created in excess of 100,000 spatially accurate digital land parcels in digital cadastres for five Local Governments across Queensland. Accuracy has been delivered at the 95% level to specifications of ±0.1m in urban areas and between 0.5m and 1m in rural areas depending on client specifications. Each of the new spatially accurate representations of the cadastre (SPARC) or digital cadastres we have created is now in operation in the respective Local Government spatial information systems and have been incorporated into the state datasets.

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