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About us

Sunshine Coast based CadCon Surveying & Town Planning originated from a joint venture between Cullen & Couper Pty Ltd, a Hervey Bay firm of consulting surveyors and town planners, and M. H. Lodewyk Pty Ltd, a Mt Isa firm of geodetic and consulting surveyors.

In September 2001 John Gillespie, a Director, Licensed Surveyor and Town Planner at C&C, and Steve Egan, a Licensed Surveyor at MHL opened a new surveying and town planning office at Maroochydore trading as Cullen & Couper (Maroochydore). At that time, we were engaged in a major contract with Maroochy Shire to create a spatially accurate digital cadastre across the entire Shire. We subsequently went on to undertake a similar project for Noosa Council ensuring that the position of property boundaries within the mapping databases used by these councils was accurate to better than ±0.1m in urban areas – significantly enhancing Council’s business processes. Another major client on the Sunshine Coast at the time was Blacklaw Civil Contractors. Having opened the office we soon found our expertise and experience was being called upon across the services that we specialise in – Surveying, Town Planning and Underground Service Location.

In April of 2005 John Gillespie and Steve Egan purchased C&C (Maroochydore) and renamed it to CadCon Surveying & Town Planning to better reflect the services we provide – Cad being a shortening of cadastral or property surveys, and Con being a shortening of consortium, reflecting the original ownership structure of the surveying and town planning company.

Cadcon Surveying and Town Planning actively participates in community events on the Coast and across Queensland through provision of services and through sponsorship. CadCon is a member of the Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce and the Urban Development Institute of Queensland. John is member of the Surveying & Spatial Science Institute and the Planning Institute of Australia. Peter Carmichael, who replaced Steve Egan as a Director of the Company in 2008, is also a member of the Spatial Sciences Institute.

The disciplines of Land Surveying and Town Planning are essential to the conduct of land related projects:
  • The International Federation of Surveyors describes a Surveyor as “a professional person with the academic qualifications and technical expertise to practice the science of measurement; to assemble and assess land and geographic related information; to use that information for the purpose of planning and implementing the efficient administration of the land, the sea and structures thereon; and to instigate the advancement and development of such practices”.
  • The Planning Institute of Australia says that planners “guide and manage the way suburbs, cities and regions develop, making sure that they are good places in which to live, work and play. Planners are involved in making decisions about land use proposals and other types of developments whilst balancing the needs of communities and the environment”.
  • Further “The role of planners is becoming more important, as society places greater emphasis on balancing environmental and development issues, promoting liveable communities and securing high quality urban design”.

In today’s world there is ever-increasing competition between different land uses. To enable an appropriate land use for a site and to achieve a successful development approval, all existing and future constraints and opportunities must be accurately identified, measured, described and accounted for – both on site and on adjoining land. CadCon Surveying and Town Planning combines the practical measurement, land administration, interpretation and presentation skills of the Surveyor with the land use knowledge of the Town Planner and their ability to guide, assess and mitigate the effects of differing land uses. This combination allows us to prepare and present accurate and comprehensive detail surveys, proposal plans, proposal reports and development applications in order to facilitate our clients’ land development projects.

CadCon Surveying & Town Planning Sunshine Coast is also proud to be a member of the following organisations:

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