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Underground Service Location

Underground service location is not only used to prevent damage to cable, pipes and other services, but also to allow contractors and maintenance workers locate particular services which are to be connected to.

Service location is becoming more critical when clients are designing projects close to infrastructure.

Utility companies and local government planning departments are requiring more and more that exact services locations are detailed on building designs before lodgement and becoming more stringent on getting the deigns exactly right before starting works.

We also use GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) – a contactless and non-destructive technique that is faster and cheaper than traditional dig surveys.

Incorporating our survey and underground services data into a highly functional 3D model at the start of projects, plus all of the above services are performed in-house helps project efficiency, accuracy and saving time and money for our client’s.

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CadCon Surveying & Town Planning - Capability Statement





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