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Town Planning Services

These are just some of the Town Planning Services we have on offer. Contact us today to see if we can help you with your development.

  • Development Applications

    The Planning Act 2016 regulates development which it defines as carrying out building work, plumbing or drainage work, operational work (e.g. earthworks, other civil construction, landscaping etc.), reconfiguring a lot (e.g. subdivision, boundary realignments etc.) or material change of use (e.g. changing the nature or scale of the use being made of land). These activities may require an application generally made to the relevant Council seeking approval to carry out the specific development to be undertaken on the land before they can commence. A professionally researched and prepared application provides the greatest chance of receiving a clean, fit for purpose approval such that the development can be undertaken with certainty and in accordance with expectations.

  • Development Project Management

    The development application process can be long and complex and involve many co-consultants, Council and State Government Referral Agencies. It is therefore critical that the process is managed and coordinated so that it is undertaken as efficiently as possible, ensuring all approved designs are consistent and the approval is clean and fit for purpose and facilitates future development and construction that is consistent with the applicant’s intentions and the development approval.

  • Due Diligence Reports

    Prior to commencing a development application it is important to analyse a site, the applicable planning scheme and State Government requirements, to ensure a potential development approval is achievable i.e. that the land and location are suitable for the applicant’s intended purpose. This may involve a site visit, preliminary design work, scheme review and a prelodgement meeting with Council if there are issues identified that are complex and could affect the viability of a development approval.

  • Feasibility Analysis

    Once due diligence analysis is completed, a preliminary development costing can be undertaken. This information can then be entered into specialised software, together with timeframes and returns to examine whether the project is feasible from an economic perspective. The reports produced from this analysis are suitable for presentation to banks and other financiers.

  • Council & Government Liaison & Negotiation

    Development applications can be very complex and involve many parties. The difference between a generic approval and one that has been issued further to exhaustive research, analysis, evidence presentation and liaison and negotiation with State and Council, can make or break a project from a build-ability and/or economic perspective. For this reason it is essential that experienced, expert-planning assistance is provided at these meetings or during the preparation of correspondence about the application.

  • Subdivision Design

    The design of subdivisions requires a complex array of inputs, including landform analysis, access, services, environmental consideration, future liveability considerations, construction cost and yield. It can be a critical component of due diligence analysis and raw land purchase decisions, particularly for infill development areas. Combining surveying and town planning expertise as CadCon does, together with extensive experience, delivers optimum subdivision design ensuring the best possible chances of a successful development.

  • Advertising Devices

    Some advertising signs, including roof signs, pylon and billboard freestanding signs, wall and façade, awning and projection signs, three-dimensional and flagpole signs, constitute Operational Works and therefore require a development approval prior to erection. This in turn requires analysis of the applicable Council planning scheme that regulates signs, and if on a State Controlled Road, analysis of State Government requirements that also regulate signs on State roads. CadCon is able to provide preliminary advice regarding a particular site and proposed sign prior to an applicant committing to a site. If the analysis proves positive, we can prepare and lodge a professional development application seeking the best possible approval.


CadCon Surveying & Town Planning – Capability Statement

CadCon Surveying & Town Planning - Capability Statement

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