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DCDB Upgrade Moura

In addition to whole-of-shire DCDB upgrade projects CadCon is able to provide project specific upgrade projects for clients such as mining companies and infrastructure providers.  In many instance the DCDB in rural areas is spatially accurate to ±10m at best and very often ±20m or worse.

This accuracy does not enable designers to accurately or cost effective design pipe lines, haulage routes and other infrastructure where there will very often be critical boundary alignments, intersections and bend points.  CadCon, in conjunction with local surveyors who provide cadastrally connected control data, is able to provide a time and cost effective project specific upgrade to better than ±1m to facilitate design and construction.

A recent example is along a pipeline route in the Moura area undertaken on behalf of Fredriksen Maclean Surveyors for their mining company client.



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