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Small Lot Subdivision

Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

In conjunction with our client CadCon investigated whether a duplex or a small lot subdivision was a better use of the land from a commercial and a planning perspective. We decided a small lot subdivision was preferable and prepared and lodged an impact assessable development application demonstrating that from a planning perspective the land was suitable for the proposal. Good building design from Seachange Builders helped with our rationale.

On review of our submission Council was able to support and approve the application. The photographs below demonstrate the quality of the development and highlight CadCon’s ability to assess specific site circumstance and to prepare and submit a successful development application despite what a preliminary reading of the planning scheme might indicate.

The development is a credit to Seachange Builders and to CadCon’s development management ability.

In addition to planning services we also provided a comprehensive detail survey for the architect; accurate and cost effective construction surveying for Seachange Builders; the building format plan title survey and plan sealing management to enable titling of the completed lots.

Original Site - Santa Monica

Santa Monica 4

Santa Monica 3


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