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Major Projects

Stockyard Village, Mount Isa

ARG having identified that there was a housing and accommodation shortage in Mount Isa engaged CadCon to prepare and lodge a development application for a 1000 person accommodation village in Mount Isa.  CadCon’s analysis concluded that there was in fact a need for the accommodation and that a village of this size could not be provided on any other freehold sites in the Mount Isa area.  Our application was successful in demonstrating that need for the village was sufficient to override the industrial zoning of the land and the application was approved by Council.

Stockyard Village

Red Gum Estate, Mount Isa

In order to provide housing choice in Mount Isa ARG commissioned CadCon to coordinate and prepare a combined material change of use and reconfiguration of a lot development application for a 30 lot duplex estate and a 14 multiple unit building on the disused RSL site in Mount Isa.  CadCon’s design maximised yield for the site whilst continuing to maintain liveability in accordance with accepted planning practice.  Council recently approved the application and construction is expected to commence in the near future.

Red Gum Estate


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