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30 Elizabeth St, Noosaville

30 Elizabeth St, Noosaville







30 Elizabeth Street, MCU Duplex Residential Development

Noosa River precinct of Noosaville

CadCon Surveying & Town Planning Services:

  • Development process – site due diligence – Noosa Shire Council (N.S.C.) planning scheme
  • Co-ordinate co-consultants on behalf of client for D.A. to N.S.C.
  • Prepare & lodge D.A for single dwelling MCU app for duplex development
  • Co-ordinate & respond including co-consultants to any RFI – N.S.C.
  • Review N.S.C D.A. decision and action pending decision notice if required
  • IS boundary survey & pegging for boundary corner determination between landowner’s pre-construction
  • Contour & detail survey including model for Architect / Building Designers and other Engineer consultants
  • Construction surveying and ADAC (As-built survey)
  • BFP titling survey & plan sealing application
  • Compliance report
  • Liaison with solicitors re CMS (Body Corporate Community Management Scheme)

Detail Plan

IS Plan
















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