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Identification Surveys

What is an Identification Survey?

An identification survey is where we resurvey and remark the boundary corners.  The survey needs to be of sufficient extent and accuracy such that we are satisfied that we have marked the corners in their true legal position.  A plan of Identification Survey is then supplied to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines as a permanent record of the survey.

When do I need an Identification Survey?

If you are uncertain of your property boundary location; wish to construct a new fence on the boundary and are not sure the existing fence or boundary marker pegs are correct; are in dispute with a neighbour as to the exact location of the boundary; wish to construct a building on or close to the boundary then you need an Identification Survey.

Having conducted hundreds of Identification Surveys over the years CadCon is able to provide cost effective, timely and most importantly, accurate Identification Surveys for any property.


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