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Major Projects

Mainland Civil, George St, Brisbane

CadCon were contracted by Mainland Civil to provide Survey Monitoring services on the development taking place on George St in Brisbane. CadCon has done an extensive control survey around the site and had setup multiple remotely controlled Total Stations to monitor the construction and surrounding roads for any movement as a result of construction. See for more information on Monitoring Surveys. CadCon also performed various setout on site.

Blast video of 300 George St – produced by Osterman Consulting

Mainland Civil excavated to the floor level of the Level 7 basement and provided detailed excavation for pad footings, lift cores, stairwells and the like. CadCon provided the setout and As-Constructed surveys for this excavation. The lift core for the 80 Storey Residential Tower that will be constructed is a further 8m below the basement level. CadCon provided a Surface Model and setout for the blasting consultant (Osterman Consulting). The resultant blast was carried out successfully enabling the excavation to take place. CadCon ran remote monitoring observations before and after the blast and were able to confirm with Certainty & Accuracy that no movement had occurred as a result of this blast.

Aerial View of Site - George St, Brisbane

CadCon Setup on Site


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