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Recent Projects

Ground Control Survey-LiDAR

Warra, Western Downs

CadCon was contracted to perform ground control survey for LiDAR Project along the Warrego Highway near Warra. CadCon travelled to site and established a base station and surveyed sections of the highway as well as structures to be used to orientate and check the LiDAR data captured over the site.

GPS Base Station Setup 1

GPS Base Station Setup 2



Prostate Cancer Charity Event Day

Noosa Springs Golf Club, Sunshine Coast

CadCon recently spent the day at Noosa Springs Golf Club for a charity Golf Day hosted by Noosa Radiology in support of Prostate Cancer Research . John Gillespie and Max Davis formed a team with Alan Frederiksen from Mode Design and Trent Giumelli from Giumelli Group.


Charity Golf Day - Team CadCon




Pelican Waters, Sunshine Coast

CadCon recently took part in the UDIA QLD Golf Day held at Pelican Waters on the Sunshine Coast. John Gillespie and Max Davis formed a team with Tye Bridgeman from Mainland Civil and Andrew Lowther from Jones Lang Lasalle (Project Management)


UDIA Golf Day 1 - Team CadCon

UDIA Golf Day 2 - Team CadCon

Construction Surveying & Monitoring

Mainland Civil, George St, Brisbane

CadCon were contracted by Mainland Civil to provide Survey Monitoring services on the development taking place on George St in Brisbane. CadCon has done an extensive control survey around the site and has setup multiple remotely controlled Total Stations to monitor the construction and surrounding roads for any movement as a result of construction. See for more information on Monitoring Surveys. CadCon is also performing various setout on site.

Blast video of 300 George St – produced by Osterman Consulting

Mainland Civil have now excavated to the floor level of the Level 7 basement and are providing detailed excavation for pad footings, lift cores, stairwells and the like. CadCon is providing the setout and As-Constructed surveys for this excavation. The lift core for the 80 Storey Residential Tower that will be constructed is a further 8m below the basement level. CadCon provided a Surface Model and setout for the blasting consultant (Osterman Consulting). The resultant blast was carried out successfully enabling the excavation to take place. CadCon ran remote monitoring observations before and after the blast and were able to confirm with Certainty & Accuracy that no movement had occurred as a result of this blast.

Aerial View of Site - George St, Brisbane

CadCon Setup on Site


Shadow Diagrams

Sunshine Coast

CadCon was contracted by a client to develop Shadow Diagrams for a potential Development on the Sunshine Coast. By using the latest software available (AutoCAD 2016) CadCon were able to produce accurate Shadow Diagrams for the Development Site for any day of the year at any time of the day.

Shadow Diagram

Bloomer Constructions

Multiple sites around Brisbane

CadCon has been contracted by Bloomer Constructions to undertake setout for construction across multiple sites around Brisbane. From small multi-unit developments to large scale developments, CadCon travels to site and establishes site control and performs setout as per the design drawings.

Setup at Crown Street, Holland Park

Construction Surveying – Church of Latter Day Saints

Forest Glen, Queensland

CadCon was contracted by Kane Constructions and Nyanda Excavations to supply set out for the construction of the new Church of Latter Day Saints at Forest Glen. CadCon had previously performed an Identification Survey to remark the lot boundaries and a Reconfiguration of Lot to amalgamate the two existing Lots into one. Having already established a site datum, CadCon was able to efficiently set out as per the design drawings.

Church of Latter Day Saints 1

Church of Latter Day Saints 2

MCU Development Application

Noosaville, Queensland

CadCon has recently completed the final stage of a development application for a Material Change of Use for a property situated in Noosaville. The client redeveloped an existing block, byconstructing a two storey duplex. CadCon was contracted to lodge the MCU application with Noosa Shire Council and perform the Strata Titling and Plan Sealing once construction was complete.

18 Edards St 1

18 Edwards St 2



Feasibility Studies

With interest in property development on the Sunshine Coat picking up again CadCon has recently been commissioned to undertake feasibility studies on multiple sites for several clients.  The studies consist of comprehensive constraints and opportunities analysis, preliminary development costing, incorporation of sales and leasing advice from key real Estate Agents and provide preliminary profit and loss results.

Aligned Resources Group

Stockyard Village, Mount Isa

ARG having identified that there was a housing and accommodation shortage in Mount Isa engaged CadCon to prepare and lodge a development application for a 1000 person accommodation village in Mount Isa.  CadCon’s analysis concluded that there was in fact a need for the accommodation and that a village of this size could not be provided on any other freehold sites in the Mount Isa area.  Our application was successful in demonstrating that need for the village was sufficient to override the industrial zoning of the land and the application was approved by Council.

Stockyard Village

Red Gum Estate, Mount Isa

In order to provide housing choice in Mount Isa ARG commissioned CadCon to coordinate and prepare a combined material change of use and reconfiguration of a lot development application for a 30 lot duplex estate and a 14 multiple unit building on the disused RSL site in Mount Isa.  CadCon’s design maximised yield for the site whilst continuing to maintain liveability in accordance with accepted planning practice.  Council recently approved the application and construction is expected to commence in the near future.

Red Gum Estate

Various Clients

CadCon continues to provide Strata Titling surveys for Duplexes and Multiple Units for clients around the Sunshine Coast and south east Queensland in general. CadCon supplies a newly drawn Survey Plan showing the subdivision of the duplex and handles the plan sealing application in conjunction with the client’s solicitors, facilitating issue of new titles.

Liekefett Way

Survey Plan

Amberjack Street

Survey Plan Sheet 2

CadCon continues to perform Identification Surveys for various clients around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.  These surveys range in size from small lots to large Retirement Village sites to large rural blocks across south east Queensland. The purpose of the survey might be for fencing or for critical building design and construction.

Identification Survey Plan


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